HomesCoin, the new standard for home renovations.

HomesCoin was built to power the Homes Market ecosystem. Our mission is to build next level partnerships in the home improvement industry by integrating innovative technology. By providing a high-tech service-based platform, where consumers and contractors can work together seamlessly, resulting in cost-effective and high quality improvement services that bring dreams into reality. All powered by the HomesCoin.


What Is HomesCoin?

HomesCoin is a utility token to empower the HomesMarket. A platform that connects and manages communication between homeowners and contractors to ensure transparent dealings and secure transactions through the HomesCoin token. It is a free-of-cost, fully-automated service-providing, lead generating, product selling, and NFT platform, designed to benefit all end-users. Built on the Polygon network, it will support Matic token transactions.


Home Improvement Market Overview.

  • The Current Market size is $400 Billion.
  • Home-related Products have annual sales of $120 Billion.
  • 50% of houses were built before 1980 and need repair services.
  • 52% of Americans are estimated to have home repair services in 2022.
  • 22% of homeowners will spend between $5K-$15K on home improvement projects.
  • Organic research about home-related products has doubled from last year.
  • 12% Conversion rate from organic traffic.
  • 8.5% increase in sales of home improvement companies.
Product Marketplace

The HomesMarket platform will have a segment exclusively for sellers to publish home related products. The exchange of goods between buyers and sellers will be conducted though platform using the HOMESTOKEN. Platform will organize the shipment of the products. Buyers will also be able to leave reviews on sellers for future buyers to reference.

NFT Marketplace

HomesMarket platform will also have an NFT marketplace for users to post blueprints, designs, concepts and completed projects. The NFT marketplace is ever growing, and this sector has not been explored. NFT will be able to be traded for services and products within the platform.

Revenue Generation

Token is designed that when a holder buys or sells the token they will be charged an 8% transaction fee. Community member will only pay transaction fee which are a fraction of a penny. Out of 8%, 2% Goes Back to community of holders (i.e. 25% of every transaction) so by just holding it you will see the number of tokens increasing automatically. So, if you want to hold token and use in future, you can invest and earn profits as well.

Anti-Whale Trap

We are committed to growth of each holder of the community, and we want each holder to earn profit, HOMES coin is coded in such a manner that it prevents bulk transactions which affects the overall value (whales) through dumping.





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